serving Bastrop, Caldwell,

Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, Travis,

and Williamson counties

Solar power is the cheapest and cleanest power available!

Our monocrystalline solar panels can last 40+ years. If electricity continues to increase at the current inflation rate of 6% per year~ for 40 years,
the current Texas average rate of 11¢ per kilowatt hour (kWh) will turn into a rate of


If you bought solar power right now, your kWh rate in 40 years would still be only


based on a 6.79kW system generating 545,237 kWh over 40 years and a system cost of $30,030.
~Source: Energy Information Agency

Why Solar?

Renewable energy source

The sun comes up everyday and is available everywhere.

No pollution

No harmful emissions. Most electricity in the USA is generated in coal-burning plants, which are terrible for the environment.

Lock in prices

Your solar system can last 40+ years and is maintenance-free. Once the system is paid for, you're getting FREE electricity!

Save water

Coal-generated electricity can waste 80,000+ gallons of water and create almost 300,000 pounds of CO2 over 25 years of production.


We offer only the highest quality products.

  • Solar Panels

  • Solar Panels
  • Made in San Antonio, TX
  • 25-year linear warranty
  • Class leading 270W power output
  • Advanced P-Type monocrystalline cell technology
  • Buy American Act Compliant
  • Certified Reliability:3X IEC, salt mist, ammonia
  • Radiant Barrier

  • Radiant Barrier
  • Made in Dallas, TX
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Superior 3-layer technology
  • Reflects 97% of incoming radiation
  • Class A/Class 1 fire rating
  • Inverters with Optimizer

  • Inverters with Optimizer
  • Made in Ontario, Canada
  • 25-year warranty
  • 99.5% peak efficiency
  • Module level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Maximum power from each module individually
  • Smartphone app
  • Solar Attic Fans

  • Solar Attic Fan
  • Made in Austin, TX
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Texas Windstorm Certified & Tested (ASTM-E330)
  • As effective as 10 wind turbines
  • Automatically activates when attic temperatue hits ~75°
  • 25 Watt High-efficient monocrystalline

Get Solar and Avoid Future Electric Company Rate Hikes

The Public Utility Commission of Texas has approved 3 rate hikes in the last 4 years!*
June 2013: 10%
June 2014: 40%
June 2015: 100%!!!

The Energy Information Agency predicts the average electricity kWh rate in Texas will hit 20¢ by 2020!

Solar energy is always cheaper than buying power from your electric company.

*Source: http://www.traditionenergy.com/press-releases/public-utility-commission-of-texas-raises-price-caps-punts-decision-on-capacity-market